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All our hosting include SSL certificates, SSD and backups as standard.

Need help choosing a hosting level?

Confused? Contact us to talk through your requirements: website@chromis-web.com

Shared hosting

Suitable for basic websites with relatively low traffic.
  • Managed service
    (E-mail support only)
  • 1GB website storage
  • Unlimited email accounts (5GB pooled storage)
  • Running Linux, Apache2, PHP5 & MySQL
  • Chromis Web Security Suite installed
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Daily Backups

Virtual server

Suitable where more flexibility and power is required.
  • Managed service
    (E-mail + Phone support)
  • Multiple geographic locations available
  • Specifications:
    • Dual Core Processor
    • 2GB RAM
    • 40GB storage for any purpose
    • 3TB transfer
    (Other specs available on request)
  • Basic Web and E-mail server setup included
    (Additional and more complicated setups available and quoted on request)
  • Chromis Web Security Suite installed
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Daily Backups

Dedicated server

Suitable for high traffic / intensive applications.
  • Managed service
    (E-mail + Phone support)
  • Specified to meet needs
  • Minimum specs:
    • Quad Core Processor
    • 16GB RAM
    • 1TB mirrored storage
    • 20TB transfer
  • Basic Web and E-mail server setup included
    (Additional and more complicated setups available and quoted on request)
  • Chromis Web Security Suite installed
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Daily Backups
From £125/month

High availability

Suitable for where extreme load or reliability is involved.
  • Managed service
    (Enhanced support)
  • Specified to meet needs
  • Clustered real-time data replication
  • Load balanced
  • Available setup using either VPS or Dedicated servers
  • Provides peace of mind that the website / system will always be available
  • Provides real-time backup of your data
From £170/month

Frequently asked questions

What is an SSD?
SSD is an acronym for Solid State Storage. We use SSD as it provides increased read & write speeds and improved reliability.

What is an SSL?
SSL is a technology used to securely encrypt data being transmitted between a user and the server, preventing people from listening in.

Why do you offer a free SSL certificate?
We recommend all websites use an SSL to ensure data is securely transmitted and provide peace of mind for visitors. In addition Google have announced they will give preference to sites using SSL, so we thought, why not offer it for free?

Do you offer Microsoft Windows hosting?
We have done extensive studies comparing the virtues of both Windows and Linux servers, and have concluded that with 2 identical servers, a Linux server can manage more website visits at lower load. In addition we discovered greater reliability and security from Linux, and for these reasons we decided to only offer Linux servers. We believe this provides the best and most cost effective results for our clients.

Where are your servers located?
We previously ran our own data center, however we found that we can provide better reliability at lower cost to our clients by renting rack space from a few select partners and managing the software side ourselves. This also allows us to provide servers located around the world, and clusters across multiple geographic locations, that we would be unable to provide at the low cost that we do. We undertake a high level of due diligence before working with a provider, ensuring that the racks have adequate physical security, redundant networking, uninterruptable power supplies and cooling.

What does your managed service include?
Our managed service includes the initial setup, transferring of your website / system to our servers, server software maintenance, ad-hoc changes to email accounts and general support.
The initial setup consists of a basic Apache2 / MySQL / Pureftpd / Postfix / Dovecot configuration. In the case of virtual or dedicated servers, any other required software may be installed, but may incur additional costs.

Are there any exclusions to your managed service?
Our managed services relate only to the actual server and it's software, any maintenance of website code is outside the scope of this. In addition, the setting up email clients on individual devices is not included in this cost as they can be easily setup following the provided instructions - however if you get stuck, we are more than happy to help.

What if I have an urgent problem?
We proactively monitor the load and availability of each of our servers to minimise service disruption, so you are unlikely to experience an urgent problem. If one of our servers experiences an issue, our detection systems will notify us and we will investigate - even outside office hours.
If you do experience a problem with your shared hosting account, please send us an e-mail and we will look into it during normal office hours.
In the case of virtual or dedicated servers, we provide out of hours support via a specific email address that goes to the on-call engineer who will look into it at the soonest opportunity.

What is the Chromis Web Security Suite?
Chromis Web Security Suite is a piece of software that we have developed in-house to provide enhanced security and early warning systems on servers that we deploy. This runs alongside standard softawre, and is there to provide an additional line of defence. It both helps prevent sites being hacked, and ensures the smooth running of the server. The exact way it does this is a closely guarded secret.

Why do you recommend a Virtual server for Wordpress sites?
In our experience the Wordpress database structure means queries aren't very efficient, and as such require more server resources than a custom coded software. In addition the widespread usage of Wordpress means that security bugs are well documented, making it a soft target for hackers. Although our security suite defends from the vast majority of attacks, the attack attempts still cause increased load, and it would not be fair on other shared hosting users.

What if I need to upgrade?
We will monitor the load generated by your website, and if necessary advise you if you are nearing a point where an upgrade is required. If your hosting is on a virtual server then we can arrange an upgrade for you with minimal disruption. Upgrading between different hosting types or upgrading a dedicated servers may involve a short downtime.