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Communication Management

Keeping track of your client communication is key to making sales and maintaining an outstanding level of customer service.

Chromis Web understand how many demands are on your time, and how easily unresolved communications can fall through the net. That is where our communication management platform comes into it's own.

Our platform centralises all of your client and internal communication, organising it and allowing you to easily see the status of any query. It does this by replacing multiple separate software, including your email clients, instant messaging systems, CRM and phone call note taking application.

The Chromis Web Communication Manager is designed with teams in mind, allowing a communication to passed to the relevant person, with all people involved in the chain being able to see it's current status. In addition from a management point of view, it is also invaluable as it reports on response times, employee performance, and customer satisfaction survey results.

As well as monitoring your current status, it provides a full historical log of all communication, invaluable in the case of any disputes that may arise

This solution is also mobile, built using responsive technology, and will soon have a mobile application released.

Our communication manager is currently in beta testing, with a view to being released shortly, however if you can't wait and would like to be included in our beta programme, please contact us.

Beta testers will be awarded with significant discounts when the system testing is complete.

Communication management